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Eric Von Zipper Does It Again!

Harvey Lembeck in "Beach Party" - '63. Classic!

VonZipper : Ha'WildLife - A WildLife Documentary

At the beginning of the winter season, we brought 7 of our favorite VZ personalities to the island paradise of Hawaii for a full week — John Jackson, Weeman, Tyler Bereman, Parker Coffin, Ian Crane, Dylan Goodale and Tanner Rozunko.
With 2 photographers and 3 filmers, we captured every single moment while we explored all that the island of Oahu had to offer. From scoring the first swell at Pipe, running through chinatown with dragon masks, landing an 8’ marlin with Capt. Ron, searching for Animal Chin at Wallows, cliff jumping in the jungle to paying homage to the Duke himself at Waikiki… the boys went on a complete tear leaving chaos and laughter in their wake.

The Von Zippers - Bad Generation (Full Album)

Estrus Records (1998)

1 Kill That Guy 00:00
2 It Blows 03:11
3 Jeff Gillooly's Balls 05:32
4 Plastic Bag 07:59
5 Twist And Turn 10:28
6 Bad Generation 11:42
7 Titanic Heart 13:28
8 Spit And Polish 16:33
9 Automatic 18:09
10 Sick On You (The Boys) 20:18
11 Flintstone Shrink 22:20
12 Twist Off 25:02
13 Skip To My Mary J 27:07


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