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Using an OLYMPUS EM5 in 2020? OG Mirrorless!

We all hear about the sad news. Olympus is quitting the camera business.

Olympus EP3 was my first mirrorless camera and EM5 was my favourite travel camera in the past.
I was very curious about how the OG EM5 fares in 2020. It has the specs comparable to some of the modern mirrorless. So I hunted down a cheap second-hand EM5 and used it in this video.

My Name is Rizky Budiyanto
I am a Singapore based Producer and Professional Photographer. I run a creative studio called #acreativealt and we are specializing in events photography and videography.

Here are a few cheap things that I think are very useful for anyone who does photography and video productions

My #workfromhome video recommendation:

Ring Light

LED Light



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elaboracion de extracto EM5

Fundación para el Desarrollo Socioeconómico y Restauración Ambiental (FUNDESYRAM), es una organización de derecho privado apolítica, sin fines de lucro, establecida para contribuir al mejoramiento del nivel de vida de la población rural y urbana en forma integral y participativa, para lo cual ejecuta proyectos agrarios, sociales, económicos, educativos, y de restauración, con un enfoque de género.

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MACRO | Olympus | EM5

My book "Stolen Moments" and limited edition print set available here...

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paulcsmith/
My Website: https://www.paulsmithphotographer.com/

My music is from: https://player.epidemicsound.com/
Songs used this episode...
Tidal Flow - Yonder Dale
Face of the Earth - Jakob Ahlbom
Royce Johnson : Kiwi as mate, just found your channel and soon as I saw the intro I thought that's NZ ! unmistakable as, I have just changed to Olympus from Nikon, sold all that gear and gone to OEM1 Mk iii with a full range of Pro lens including the 60mm Macro mainly because of the weight factor and the quality, weather ceiling etc. 20mpx is more than enough to get fantastic photos and at the end of the day its not the camera its the person at the end of it that makes the shot !! well done Kiwi !
Malcolm Lawrence : Good on Bay. Another great video. Thanks Paul.
R Ryan : Love the macro Paul keep it up
Erick Joel Rivera Colón : Beatiful dog is cute
Makers Telemark : Thanks for the video. Hope you got some stills from your video as well. Cheers.
Adrian Long : Hey Paul I’ve been catching up with your channel. As always great photography & thought provoking content. By the way I love your Prime Minister
Jonathan William Fay : If coming from film you would be much happier with a Fuji-film X-Pro 1 camera with the 35mm f.4 or the 18-55mm OSD lens!!!
I was looking for a very long time for a digital camera that would fit all my needs to replace my Olympus OM4ti and My OM2n film and E420 digital cameras! I tried the OMD system with some great disappointment and after trying Lux-G I tried out the Fuji X-E2 that was a fantastic system and after some time of looking I get my hands on a used X-Pro 1 in needed of repairs that is by far the best digital camera I’v owned to date!!!
And won’t even be sold or replace!!!
Wishdog Brown : Bae!!!!!! Great episode! Love the macro
fbraakman : You've inspired me to look more closely at nature. Great video and shots.
RexBer : my favorite is the leaf, reminds me of Weston's photos. I took the liberty to converting it to BW and it would look great with a red filter so the orange-ish leaf stands out real contrasty (I deleted the photo afterwards, not stealing your work!) I like the chilled-out vibe of your videos, would love to see NZ once myself




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